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Why we need to thank a mama

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If you thank a mama, it’ll make her heart leap.

If you thank a mama, she'll feel confident she did right by you. A mama’s always second-guessing herself because being a mom’s the most all-inclusive and demanding job, often leaving her feeling not enough or like a failure. And your words…

…will make her smile for days.

If you thank a mama, she won't feel her usual burn out when she’s up at midnight doing the last load of laundry.

If you thank a mama, she'll open her arms so wide, embracing you into a warm hug.

If you thank a mama, she’ll feel her sacrifices are appreciated.

If you thank a mama, she'll know you love her through the mood swings, the sobbing, the “I HATE YOU”s. It’ll confirm they’re nothing more than angry words.

If you thank a mama, she'll hold you a little closer the next time you wake up from a nightmare or are sick in the middle of the night.

If you thank a mama for all she’s taught you, she’ll just stare in awe at the capable and resilient person she helped you become.

If you thank a mama for her friendship, she’ll thank you for yours.

It’s a beautiful thing when children can be oblivious to all mamas do because that means they're taken care of and loved.

But there should come a day when children realize their moms are human beings that have feelings, dreams, made sacrifices, and deserve some appreciation…

….and when this happens,

her kids shouldn't hold back.

A mama doesn’t do what she does for a "thank you," but it feels good to hear the great job she’s doing.

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