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Why The Mandalorian is, in fact, a show about a single dad

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The Mandalorian tells a story of a single working parent that has to balance work and parenting. And who is not as perfect as the rest of us.

The Mandalorian is a new super-popular series on Disney+ based on Star Wars.

It's actually the first Star Wars movie that delivers a story about parenting.

Honestly, the famous "I am your father" exchange is not exactly about parenting.

Luke Skywalker's encounter with his dad was very brief, although profound, but daddy Vader never raised his son.


The Mandalorian is not part of the Skywalker saga. It's a story about a new character, a bounty hunter who everyone calls Mando.

One of his targets turns out to be a 50-year-old green wrinkled baby from the same alien species as Yoda. The Internet simply names him Baby Yoda.

At first, the Mandalorian seizes the baby and gives him away to his client, getting a generous payment for delivering the target.

But Baby Yoda is really cute. He is so adorable with his big eyes, gentle cooing, clumsy first steps at using the force to help Mando and to heal him that the Mandalorian changes his mind. He risks his life and gives his entire career up to save the baby from his client, and flies away with Baby Yoda.

Here is the point of no return when a tough bounty hunter turns into a doting dad making a parental sacrifice.

No matter how tough Mando is, Episode 4 hints at what he is really longing for. The Mandalorian tries to find a quiet sanctuary where he can have a normal family life and safely raise the baby, but other bounty hunters are already after them.

So the Mandalorian is constantly on the run while at the same time taking up various dangerous assignments from clients in different parts of the Galaxy. He is trying to balance the care for Baby Yoda with an uneasy freelance career.

The Mandalorian is far from being a perfect dad. He keeps the baby in a closet for safety, leaves him alone in the ship while he's away on an assignment. He is not an ideal parent, just like the rest of us who have to balance parenting and work.

Basically, the Mandalorian shows how hard it is to be a single working parent and raise a kid. No matter what galaxy you live in.

As the Hollywood Reporter wrote, it's
"The adventures of a single dad looking for a job".

It's nice to see an unpolished depiction of raising a kid in such a popular show.

If you like watching The Mandalorian you can take this humorous Baby Yoda personality quiz and check how much of a Baby Yoda you or your kids are.

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