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Why Photography Makes Me Happy

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Being a mom means that I don't always have time for all the creative luxuries that I used to enjoy. Activities like pottery and painting just take up far too much time that I do not always have. Luckily, I found my new creative happiness in photography and now there is no stopping me.

Photography makes me so happy that I just need to share this!

It’s creative

Once you become a mom, you lose a lot of “me time” and replace it with school events, children's parties and late-night homework assignments. Any creative flare you once had is now only expressed through your children's projects and fundraisers.


But with photography, you don't need to set aside “me time” to get around to it. All I need it my camera, a full battery and a front row seat at my child's events. Not only that but you can find your creativity anywhere and from anything.

Taking photos in beautiful light at a family gathering, getting action shots at sporting events or just capturing a smile because someone had a good day. I find my creative energy is at full speed because I see the photographic opportunity in everything.

It makes time travel possible

Falling in love with photography means that I have photos from every event and in some cases, every place I have ever been to. When I am taking a photo, I feel excited because I know that I get to share this moment with someone who might not be there with me.

I sit with a smile on my face when I look back at photos of my grandparents and parents. I am able to share in their memories from things that happened before my time all thanks to photos.

That is why I stress the importance of wedding videography to all my friends who are getting married. The day only comes around once, but the images will last forever and will be enjoyed by people who might not have been able to attend the wedding.

It challenges you

Photography has the ability to be both the easiest hobby you take up or the most challenging, it all depends on how far you want to take it.

I love a good challenge. So, at first I would just take photos with my phone, then I started to change the settings to try and add a creative edge to my everyday photos. Once I knew I had found something I enjoyed, I invested in a camera that would change the way I looked at photography forever.

It’s easy to figure something out when you enjoy it and now taking photos is definitely my new favorite thing to do.

It’s the best way to capture your life

Be it a wedding, a birthday or just a fun family day in the park, taking photos of my friends and family living their lives has to be one of the main reasons why photography makes me happy.

Yes, we could chronical our lives in a diary but a picture speaks a thousand words. You can look at a picture and be reminded of what you ate that day, who you met or what you experienced. That pictures can make a moment feel like it is happening right now, all over again.

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