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Why Momcations Are Good For My Anxiety

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I am back in Las Vegas for a momcation. You can read about the first momcation to Vegas here. If you have been a reader of the blog for a while, I’ve shared a few sporadic blog posts about my life with anxiety. Now that I am working with a therapist on cognitive behavior therapy, I’m mindful of things that make my anxiety ramp up.

One thing that has helped with taking control of my anxiety are going on momcations. I hope to continue to take momcations about twice a year. All moms need a little break for some spa time. When I’m on a momcation, my anxiety is really high, making me forced to work out anything that is triggering it. Why? Because I cannot let anxiety and phobias etc. continue to hold me back.


Like this trip, for example… I had to check my luggage (carry-on size) on my connecting flight because the plane ran out of overhead compartment space. Really!?!

Well, after I get off the plane in Las Vegas, I follow signs for baggage claim and ended up at the wrong baggage claim. I’m at baggage claim area for carousels 17-30. I need 16!!!! Yup, go ahead and cue in the panic. What if I get there and my suitcase isn’t there? What if I can’t find baggage claim carousels 1-16? What if?? What if???? It all came flowing in. Deep breath, I asked for help. I asked the attendant in the 17-30 baggage claim area “where is number 16 carousel?”. I had to go to terminal one, I was in terminal three. This required getting on the airport shuttle to get to another part of the airport. The panic is there, but I have to get to number 16 carousel. Because if I don’t… well, I’m not going to be without my suitcase.

I find terminal one, via the airport shuttle bus. When I get to the carousel, which has a majority of the passengers from the plane waiting to retrieve their belongings. My suitcase was coming round on the carousel just I step up to it. Sigh of relieve.

But with all the panic that took over, none of the what-ifs became reality. It was just my brain letting anxiety try to be the boss and get the best of me. That drill was good for my anxiety, it made me have to figure it out. I could not leave without my belongings. And the what-ifs were just the monsters under the bed. They were not real.

Taking a momcation is good for my anxiety. It makes me have to work through the what-ifs, obstacles and also see that most of the time its just my brain psyching me out. Even down to ordering food at restaurants, I have to do it myself. I have to speak up and say what I to order. If an issue did arise with my flight, room, etc. (thankfully none did), I have to take care of it myself. My anxiety has made me feel helpless at times. Where I couldn’t drive myself, ask for assistance in a store, or even order my own food. So, taking mom trips shows me that I can do it and I don’t have to let anxiety win.

A bonus of taking momcations You can go to the bathroom alone. Yes, moms, you read right, you can GO TO THE BATHROOM ALONE. No kids, pets, or spouses in the bathroom or standing on the other side of the door asking where something is or what you are doing. You have total solitude in the bathroom. So enjoy a long hot bath.

Do you take momcations? Or even a trip with just other moms for some girl time? Where’s your favorite place for some mom rest and relaxation? Let me know in the comments.

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