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5 Ways to Do Real Estate and Parenting at the Same Time

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For some people, being a great parent or a great real estate agent may be easy. However, becoming both is pretty hard. This is especially true for new parents who cannot manage to spend extra hours dealing with real estate transactions and negotiations. Keep in mind that any time you will put into your work may take away time from your relationship with your family and eventually your kids.

But don’t be afraid!

There are ways you can be great in your career while also a great parent to your kids.

Familiarize Your Calendar

Your calendar will be your best friend when it comes to juggling real estate and parenthood. A calendar app or a day planner can serve as a great tool. Of course, you also need to be proficient with your calendar. Avoid saying ‘yes’ to all offers without ever checking your calendar. Sure, it's hard to miss great opportunities as a real estate agent, but now that you have kids, you should learn how to manage your time well. Make it a habit to refer to your calendar before you commit to any showings. Also make sure to add family time to our calendar, allocate blocks of time that you can and should be with your newborn.

Know When to Call for Help

Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact you cannot do everything by yourself and that you may need a bit of help to get things done. It's ok, you're a new parent, take a moment. Consider hiring a remote personal assistant, it may be the key to getting things done and getting extra time for the family. When it comes to the issues involving legal matters in your real estate business, getting help from an attorney would be key!

Steal Moments When You Can

Managing your family time is important, try and spend every possible moment you have with your kids. For instance, if you’re on your way to work and your daughter asked if you can join her for a board game. If you don't have any scheduled meetings, then why not allocate 30 minutes of your time to play with your daughter? Getting late 30 minutes for work will not be a big deal but the extra 30 minutes you spend with your daughter may be remembered by her forever. Just stay late or work through lunch to make up the time at work.

Have a Support System

Get help from your partner or wife. Try to work out your schedule with her and determine how you can split parenting tasks. She can fill in some of the tasks that you cannot do because of work commitments.

So if you’re among the many real estate agents who seem to be having a hard time in managing work and personal life, then these tips above would be a great help.

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