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Why I’m Not Googling My Children’s Health Symptoms Anymore

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As the parent of three active girls, I am often Googling symptoms for different illnesses that they have gotten over the years. Before I make a doctor's appointment, I find myself guessing their diagnosis based on the symptoms. However, the hardest part about Googling your symptoms is that the search engine doesn’t think like a doctor. It is not able to take into account your history of health issues, nor can it filter out non-credible information. I was really pleased when a friend recommended the Ada app to help with assessments before seeing the doctor.

Ada is the first and only AI (artificial intelligence)-powered health platform created by a team of doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, which is using AI and machine learning to learn about your symptoms and health conditions, so it can help you and your doctor better manage your overall health.

After finishing a quick personalized assessment, Ada provides a list of possible conditions and allows you to download your personal assessment into a PDF and share with your doctor at your discretion. Physicians can access a patient’s history on Ada to get a long-term picture of their health. The assessment is provided for users to better understand their health, but it’s not meant to be a medical diagnosis.

  1. Ada uses a broad range of medical knowledge base covering over 1500 conditions, and thousands of findings and real-world cases. Because it uses machine learning, it becomes smarter a more people use the app.

  2. Because it’s an app, you can access Ada anytime, which makes it convenient for parents to use for their children’s health issues or their own, when a doctor may not be accessible. It helped that each assessment took only a few minutes.

  3. Builds and stores an overview of users’ health situation (i.e. allergies, medications, symptoms) – which remains secure, up to date, and accessible from their pocket. You can use Ada to track specific symptoms over time.

  4. In every assessment, Ada takes all of a patient's information into consideration, including past medical history, symptoms, risk factors and more.

  5. Best of all, Ada’s health assessments are free, and there’s no fee to download the app.

I appreciated that the Ada app brought high-quality, personalized, and actionable health guidance to my fingertips. It is empowering millions of other parents to proactively manage their unique healthcare journey. Again, as the mother of three, I am happy that this app is making my journey as a parent much easier, and thrilled that I have something to reference other than Google.

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