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Why Co-ed Baby Showers Are Splendid

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Planning a baby shower is suppose to be the fun part of your pregnancy. Right? It seriously can be very overwhelming and a tad stressful. For William, we literally had to have three baby showers. Crazy right? Well, today I wanted to chat about why co-ed showers are so very splendid. I'm sure you've heard of them before. They happen to be one of the most popular these days. Here are my top reasons why co-ed showers are splendid and were splendid for us.196d873ec7069a1251320c2fc1127a9bc075eae3.jpg

You Both Get To Enjoy

It certainly takes two to make the baby so why not have a shower for both Mommy + Daddy? This is a time where you can both enjoy your friends and celebrate becoming parents together. I personally loved being able to share it with my husband. It's such a wonderful way to celebrate each other with everyone else.


A Fun Way To Incorporate Both

If you can't see from the photos we were able to incorporate both of us in the shower. The theme was Dartmouth, Kate Spade inspired stripes, and little man. The food was not only delicious but also all of my cravings I had throughout the pregnancy. The balloons had baby pictures of my husband & I hanging from them. We even had special cocktails at the drink table to go along with becoming parents customized to our lives. This is the perfect way for you two to pick things that are important to you to incorporate.


It's Far More Relaxed

There's no itinerary! You really get to enjoy hanging with friends and make it fun. I'm not sure about you but I always feel way more relaxed when I'm with my husband. I laugh more, don't get as tense, and really get to enjoy. You don't have to have awkward conversations or have to answer questions alone. You can do it together if you must. Did I mention people can drink? This definitely relaxes the atmosphere. Clearly, you can't drink if you're pregnant BUT there are mocktails to substitute.


You can make it what you want

Key word being YOU! You two can make the shower whatever you'd like. Love bbq's? You can totally do it! We knew we wanted to have a last party before the babe arrived so this was perfect for us. No matter what anyone says things do change when your babe arrives. He/she becomes the center of your world. You can no longer be with your friends the way you use to so enjoy it!


All that being said, I really encourage you to think about having a co-ed baby shower if any of the above reasons are giving you anxiety. Baby showers are meant to be splendid, not dreadful.

Details about our splendid shower are below:

Theme: Dartmouth, Kate Spade inspired stripe and little man.

Cake: Short North Piece of Cake

Invitation: Created by Haley Restrepo

Decor Details:

Gramophone from Restoration Hardware.

Balloons attached to baby photos.

The food was all of my cravings.

Drinks curated by my lovely husband customized for us.

The fun extra was a book for all of our friends to write advice for being a gentleman.

Cheers to your baby shower!


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