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White Nationalists Never Bonded with Someone Unlike Themselves

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“Don’t shoot me.” The sister stood fearlessly in front of her younger brother.

“I will if you don’t get that thing out of here,” he promised.

The boy’s weapon was an unimpressive rubber band gun without much power. The sister’s weapon, a fat, slippery bullfrog was enormously impressive, especially to a girl whose brother hated reptiles.

Braving the sting of a rubber band, the sister charged, aiming her frog directly at her brother’s exposed neck. As he jumped from his place on the couch, the boy released his ammunition.

Unscathed, the girl sat down. “My little friend and I will just sit here and watch your show,” she smiled sweetly and settled the frog to face the TV.

Her brother stretched another bit of ammo onto his gun. “Get that slimy thing outta here,” he waved his loaded weapon.

This wasn’t the first, nor the last skirmish, between these two siblings as they learned to love and bond and appreciate one another’s differences.

The fact one was white and the other black was completely irrelevant. The fact that one hated reptiles and the other one wanted to provoke him was relevant.

I watch the tolerance and love which has developed between them. The above picture is a selfie they took at breakfast recently. She got to the restaurant late. He still offered to pay. With their permission, I pulled the photo from Facebook.

I see them take selfies and then I see the news. White nationalists rallying in Charlottesville, Virginia. Chaos in the streets. Hate groups making Nazi salutes. As the new reports and live video roll in my emotions are many.

  • Disbelief. This display of Neo-Nazi propaganda and division can’t really be happening. I WILL NOT BELIEVE WE HAVE GONE BACK. I WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS.
  • Disgust. How dare they call themselves “White Nationalists.” Nationalists want what is best for their country. These are racists.
  • Anger. I believe in First Amendment rights; however, this group came with shields, helmets, racists signs and flags. They are inciting violence. They lost their First Amendment rights.
  • Revenge. Can’t we extinguish the tiki torches these far-right extremists marched in with? Snuff out those torches and send them home like on the show “Survivor?” An extremely powerful fire hose would probably douse any flame. Too bad if someone gets wet.

Eventually, I just feel sadness. Sad for a group of people who have never bonded with someone unlike themselves, bonded so closely they can have a rubber band and bullfrog fight and years later still enjoy brunch.

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