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where do you go when you stim?

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Where do you go when you stim? My darling where do you go. Is it far away from here, Does anyone else go who you know?

Where do you go when you stim, I know it's your happy place. Your smile is big and your laugh is so sweet- I like to think I sort of know,

You mute out all the noises, The chatter and the breeze. You go somewhere that's just for you,

You, your twigs and your trees.

Wherever it is, I know your safe, because I'm Right here beside you, Watching as you go, Holding your hand just to remind you.

Don't go too long, Don't stay away. There is so much here that you love too.

When you come back, I see you coming, Your eyes begin to blink, I watch as your face turns down And I watch you whilst you think...

Where do you go when you stim, My darling where did you go?

You amazing little boy you, The places you must know.


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