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Where Did All The Kids Go This Summer?

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It has been a very quiet July summer. Where have all the kids gone? Why aren’t kid’s outside enjoying the summer weather? Why aren’t kids having any summertime fun?

When I take a moment to think about it, I barely seen kids running around the neighborhood. I barely heard any little kids crying outside. I barely seen kids riding their bikes. I don’t see the girls jumping rope or the boys tackling each other on the lawn. I don’t see the kids playing basketball at the park too often. I don’t see many kids swinging on the swings.

I see more moms and grandmas walking their kids in the stroller. Even dads take a walk with the little kids. Nobody is playing at the baseball diamond. Hardly anyone walks the track at the park except for a few adults.

Usually you hear the basketballs bouncing on the sidewalk on the way to the park. The only basketball I heard is my sons who occasionally plays in the yard.

The kids have been in and out of the pools this summer but even they have been quieter than usual.

When I drive by the park, it is unusually quiet. There is just a small bunch of kids playing outside. Even the 200 kids in day camp have been quieter than usual. I barely seen the kids running around the park. I guess they play in the inside gym. I barely seen the kids eating lunch outside.

Maybe, all the kids are older now. I know some of the teenagers have part time jobs. Maybe, the younger kids are running errands with their parents. I know some of the boys are in Little League in the summer.

I really have to wonder if video games and cell phones with messenger apps are replacing the summer kid’s fun. I know my son is constantly on his cell phone or playing video games. I know his friends are addicted to their cell phones too and are always messengering each other. Is our kid’s world becoming too techy? What is your opinion? Where have all the kids gone?

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