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When The Drama Queen IS Your Own Daughter

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Oh, the drama baby girl.

Yes, my child, the one that got a cut on her foot and made her teachers carry her until pickup. Seriously. When they told me this, I died a little inside, because--who is my daughter, Beyoncé? Holy diva of all divas. Not okay.

And when I saw her at pickup, she had only one pink water shoe on, her other little foot was out and bare. She also had another accessory: an ice pack.

First reaction: “Oh goodness, what happened?”

Upon examination by Dr. Mom, the cut was microscopic—like I could hardly see it.

Second reaction: “Oh baby, come on…”

So, mean and slightly embarrassed mommy made her put her socks and shoes on.

I apologized on her behalf because I never thought this would be me—but the drama queen IS my own daughter.

And gosh she can be exhausting.

She’s the one who can cry on demand, but I KNOW she's faking it when I see her putting it on for herself in the mirror. Face cringed, pouting lip, all of it. This is manipulation at its finest! Such an actress.

And my actress loves to take center stage. She takes it with a bow, and you better get her a bouquet--trust me on that.

Speaking of attention, she will take both positive and negative because attention is attention, and as long as the spotlight is shining on her—she’s okay with either.

But being a drama queen is just a small part of her, thank goodness. She has so many much better qualities. She’s kind, smart, and hysterical--she loves to be the little ham, and she is cheesing (smiling) while doing it — a great sandwich and child combination.

And I wouldn’t change a thing about her.

She is who she is and she confidently wears it--with her princess crowns (she wears one to school each day) and dresses (she picks out her outfits). And you can’t help but admire her pizazz.

So, Madonna, watch out! My daughter can out diva you any day of the week.

And I love her for it.

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