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When A Mom Has Something In Her Hair

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I have spent a majority of the evening questioning if my husband loves me or if I in fact have friends that truly care about me

I’ve also questioned if there are any kind strangers in the world or honest people and if my kids like me

I’ve said hello to a neighbor as I was loading the kids up for school. I got out of the school drop off line braving the cold with no makeup on to give my guy an extra hug. I’ve Face Timed my husband and went inside a store

You guys I did so much this morning, went so many places, reached out to so many people and I regret it all

So many opportunities for someone, anyone to truly show me they care and yet not one person said anything

Not one single person informed me that in the midst of my chaotic morning and sleepless night I somehow ended up with Randall in my hair

Not only in my hair but proceeded to tote him around in my hair and with me most of the morning in public and around friends, my husband and strangers

So here’s my PSA for the world and loved ones of tired moms, be honest with them. Tell them if you see a Randall hanging from their hair or anything else out of place that might seem obvious to the person who has had adequate sleep. If you love them at all or even remotely like them you will tell them

Chances are they just sprayed a whole bottle of dry shampoo in their hair and went back to running late all while half asleep and didn’t check for a Randall or anything else


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