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Challenge: Back to School

What's Wrong With Our "Education" System

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It's a FACT that the fastest way to learn a new language is "immersion" into a culture that ONLY speaks that language.

You want to learn French? Go-to France.

You want to learn Spanish? Spain/South America

Yet, we expect to go to 12 years of "traditional school", then another 4-6 years of "business school" to learn how to run a business. To learn from Educators.... Who have NEVER ran a successful business. Then students are forced to have a big wake up call when they leave school to find they know NOTHING about starting or running a successful business.

Why don't we apply the same "immersion" strategy to our Education for business?

To be fully immersed by successful funded startups, and businesses that are actually profitable?

We need to leverage the power of internships, apprenticeships, and "On-the-job" Training. We should give our youth the chance to become immersed into a culture of successful Entrepreneurs.

At the end of 2019 I was fortunate to speak to the future generations from around the world. I was the opening keynote for Classroom WIthout Walls which is an Entrepreneurship Immersion program held in Singapore by Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang. As I flew back to America after a two week "Entrepreneurial Immersion" I can't help but think how much more successful I would be if I had mentors in my life to show me the REALITY of starting a business, or how do validate an idea.

I literally cried 😭 when I saw the transformation and growth of these students before my eyes. To see my own Goddaughter who suffers from severe anxiety conquer her fears and give a presentation. Watching students work together to build a real business in a "mock" environment and learn from educators who have actually done it already.

My goal to educate the next generation of business leaders in 2020 and beyond. Although I sent out to teach these next generation of innovators, I actually learned a lot about myself, and my passion to serve.

So grateful for this journey, and an incredible year.

As I've learned for myself over the years, the best Education is beyond the classroom.

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