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Challenge: Life Changes

Whatever you're doing at home, it's fine

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Are you using this time at home to catch up on laundry? Or is your hamper overflowing? Either way, it's fine.

Is your child's distance learning program organized on a color-coded schedule on the fridge? Or are you winging it and adding in some life skills and PBS Kids to your days? Either way, it's fine.

Are you making homemade meals and freezing them? Or are you using food services with contactless delivery? Either way, it's fine.

It really is fine. Whatever your days look like, whatever you're doing at home, it. is. fine.

No one knows what this is supposed to look like. Let's say that again.

No one knows what this is supposed to look like.

We are ALL winging this. We are ALL trying to entertain kiddos, keep loved ones safe, do what we can to help each other, and somehow stay calm in the face of the unknown.

So whatever all of that looks like at your house, it's OK.

It's OK if you're on Day 3 of your favorite pj pants and you've lost count of the days since you washed your hair.

It's OK if your kid sleeps in his swim trunks so he'll "be ready for tomorrow."

It's OK to turn off their screentime limits so you can get some work done in peace.

It's OK if you've served Bagel Bites for lunch three days in a row.

It's OK if your kids are pulling out all their old toys they forgot they loved and your living room looks like a war zone of Star Wars Potato Heads and Easter Bunny dinosaurs.

It's OK if you sneak away to your closet to give your brain 4 minutes of quiet while you munch on a few Girl Scout cookies alone.

It's OK if you let your teenager stay up really late and play Fortnite with his friends online.

It's OK if you turn off the news, the social media, the notifications on your phone, and take a nap with your toddler. Or your cat.

It's OK if you cry. This is scary and unpredictable and you're human.

Everyone is going through this same bizarre moment in time. And everyone is trying. And everyone's days are going to look a little different because we're all a little different. And that's OK.

We're in this together. And we'll get through it. One load of laundry at a time.

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