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What You Know About Custom Packaging Boxes And What You Don't Know About Custom Packaging Boxes

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Custom packaging boxes are now commonly used in retail packaging

The era of stock boxes has gone now. The ability to customise these boxes made them so famous. Brands had complete access regarding the customisability options for these boxes. If you are one product seller, you can also benefit yourself by using these packaging boxes. In order to fulfil the desired purpose from packaging, you have to consider the following things.


What Custom Packaging Will Work for You?

Based on the nature of your products, you can choose the desired material options for your custom made packaging boxes. Cardboard, Kraft, paper, and rigid boxes are some of the standard material options for these boxes. Out of all these material options, the cardboard is the most commonly used material options. Cardboard made packaging boxes are mostly used for packing large size items. This material can handle minor wear and tear with ease as it is made from natural material. Being a natural material option, cardboard packaging boxes are also recyclable. Those brands who want to use eco-friendly packaging boxes; cardboard is the best material option for them.


Cardboard also has its further types like corrugated cardboard made packing options. Corrugated cardboard is made from multiple layers of cardboard, and cardboard fumes are used to manufacture these boxes. The overall strength of corrugated cardboard packaging boxes is better compared to the standard cardboard packaging boxes. This doesn’t mean that the standard cardboard is a bad material option. In fact, cardboard is the most common type of material option.

Even the pizza box you receive is made out of cardboard material. Other than paperboard, Kraft paper is also a good material option. Kraft packaging boxes are light in weight and are ideal for small size items. If you want to save the shipping cost for your packaging, you can use Kraft shipping boxes. Rigid boxes are used for more premium and sophisticated items like watches, jewellery items, and perfumes. Rigid boxes have that premium feel to them and are ideal for packing luxury and expensive items.


Pick Your Size

A brand can choose the custom size for their boxes. The dimensions, size, and shape, all these aspects of custom packaging boxes are customisable. The rule is pretty simple here; you can choose small sized packaging boxes for the small size boxes and vice versa. You can even order custom packaging boxes according to the dimensions of your items. This way, your products will be packed professionally inside these packaging boxes. Let’s take the example of soapboxes.

Various types of soaps are available in the market, including bath soaps and kitchen soaps. Brands can differentiate their soaps by using multiple sizes of custom soap boxes packaging. Similarly, for cosmetic items, you can choose a different size for the cosmetic packaging boxes. There are a ton of cosmetic items like Lipstick, mascara, primer, foundation, eyeliner, and face powder. All of these cosmetics items are entirely different in size from each other. You cannot pack all of such things in standard size boxes. So, here you can use customise the cosmetic boxes in terms of their respective sizes.

Create Your Design

The design language of custom packaging boxes is a very important and sensitive aspect. Beginner level products sellers often neglect the importance of design for their custom boxes and packaging. To save their packaging cost, they choose a standard design language for their custom packaging boxes. A standard isn’t a bad option, but if you want to differentiate your brand from others, you need to choose a quality design language for your custom packaging boxes. Die-cut window packaging boxes are the most commonly used custom packaging boxes. In this design language, a transparent window is included on the front of the top side of the custom packaging boxes.

Customers can view the packed product from outside, and they find this design language much convenient. Similarly, you can choose a different style for your custom packaging boxes. The unique styling of your custom packaging boxes will enhance the overall look. Seal end, Tuck end reverse tuck end are some typical style for custom packaging boxes. A unique design language combined with a custom styling will add a lot of value to your range of custom packaging boxes.


The Types of Custom Packaging Available

There are different types of custom packaging boxes available. The rule of thumb is that the product name determines the type of packaging box. Like custom soap, boxes are used for packing various kinds of soaps. Similarly, cosmetic items are packed in custom boxes that offer security and style to the makeup items. It’s not necessary that the only product is responsible for the type of packaging box.

The material of the packaging boxes also helps in determining the type of custom packaging boxes. Kraft packaging boxes, Rigid packaging boxes, and corrugated cardboard packaging boxes are a few examples. Brands can choose any kind of material option for their packaging boxes. There are no restrictions regarding the customisability aspect of custom packaging boxes. The unique shape and styling of custom packaging boxes also make them different. Like a pillow, boxes are designed just like a pillow. They are mostly used for packing items that are on promotion. Gable boxes are another type of custom packaging boxes. Similarly, custom Gift packaging boxes are used for packing common gift items.


Learn How Packaging is printed

Custom printed packaging boxes let brands promote their product range. If you are a new product seller, then you should pay attention to printing type’s available for custom printed packaging boxes. There are many benefits of custom printed packaging boxes. The printed packaging boxes reflect the image of a particular brand name. Even customer likes to buy products packed in attractive printed packaging boxes. If we look around us, every type of packaging box is custom printed. Burger boxes, pizza boxes, shipping boxes, soapboxes, and candle boxes, all are printed with the details of the specific products.

Digital and offset printing techniques are used by most of the boxes manufactures. Custom printed boxes allow you to market your brand name by adding a customised logo. The logo of any brand is its identity. Even shipping boxes have the logo of the particular company printed on them. So you can also add your brand logo on boxes. Further, fun facts about the packed products can be added to these packaging boxes. You can even add textures and patterns on your boxes.


How to Find the Right Manufacturer

In this modern era, there are a ton of boxes manufacturers that are offering their services. It’s not easy for brands to select the best one. Especially if you are a new product seller, you have to be extra careful. You can choose any specific boxes of suppliers’ services by judging several aspects. For instance, how much experience they have in manufacturing custom packaging boxes. Check the online reviews of multiple boxes suppliers of your town on the internet. Read what other people have to say about their services. The online reviews will help you a lot in getting a quick idea about the packaging services of any particular boxes supplier. Second thing, look for the boxes supplier that has to offer the maximum free services. Beginner level products sellers want some level of assistance in choosing the right design for their boxes.

Choose the boxes manufacture that is offering free design assistance. You will be able to take design assistance from their designers for free of cost. Such boxes manufacture only charge the designing fee. Free shipping service is also a bonus, so you should take a look at this free ad. Some boxes manufacturers have an order limit, and you have to follow that. Look for the boxes manufacturer in your town that has to offer no order limit. You will be able to order as many or as few boxes from them. Such boxes manufactures don’t restrict their customers to order in Bulk. Check the wholesale prices of the entire reputed boxes supplier; it will make it easier for you to choose the best one.


Placing an Order & Getting a Great Price

Once you have select the boxes manufacture for ordering custom boxes, you need to know how to communicate with them. You can approach various boxes suppliers through their UAN helpline numbers. They have a dedicated custom supports staff team to assist their customers. You can ask them about your order of custom packaging boxes.


Ask the queries and discuss what they have to offer in terms of services and pricing. Tell them your packaging requirements and the quantity of the Custom packaging boxes you want to order from them. It’s a good idea to place the order of boxes in Bulk; you will get a discounted rate with this approach. Also, if you order with the reference of some brand or products seller, you get an excellent price for your boxes.

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