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​What To East When Pregnant

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If you are pregnant, you have probably already asked yourself “What should I eat for the next 9 months”. And there will be a lot of answers coming up for you and some of them are just myths. All those answers will confuse you. So, here are some of the important foods that you have to have during your pregnancy:

1) Fresh fruits and vegetables: Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables when you are pregnant. This is contains high amount of vitamins and minerals which are very much essential during this time. They help you and your baby to stay fit and healthy all the time.

2) Essential carbs: Right amount of carbohydrate rich food is very much essential for the health of the baby. So, have potatoes, pasta, bread and rice every day. But keep in mind that you have to take the amount essential for a pregnant woman. Do not exceed or do not take less.


3) Protein: Another most important nutrient that you have to intake while pregnant is protein. This makes your muscles healthier and thus you and your baby will have a good muscle build. Quinoa is one of the best sources of protein. Other sources are beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.

4) Fats: Fat is also essential but should not be more than 30 % of the daily calorie intake of a pregnant woman. You have to take some healthy fats in your diet.

Other important nutrients to be taken are fiber (fruits and vegetables), calcium (milk and broccoli) and zinc (peanut butter, eggs and tofu). So, some of the interesting yet healthy dishes can be salad with lots of healthy veggies and fruits along with nuts and seeds. You can also have veggie pasta along with eggs. Make sure you are using olive oil during this time.

Don’t forget regular health checkups and nutrition consultations, along with ultrasounds. It will help you see the baby grow little by little. The ultrasound is more than just the snapshot of your baby or pregnancy. It can also tell the health of the baby and check his/her movement. This is really important to go for regular ultrasounds. You also have to ensure that you are going to the right place for this. It is very important you choose an experienced and reliable clinic for this.

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