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What To Do If Your Kid Is Smoking Marijuana?

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It’s one of the most popular fears amongst parents, finding out your kid does drugs, and yet it is a reality that more and more parents will have to face sooner or later.

The number of kids and young adults that consume drugs, from casual consumption to abuse, is steadily climbing. To make matters worse, education and awareness campaigns across the world will often time fan the flames and increase interest in the drugs themselves.

While marijuana is by far the softest and less invasive of all narcotic drugs out there, it is still major health concern and a greatly addictive substance.

So, what can you do if your kid is smoking marijuana?

1. Calm down and hold your temper

You will feel betrayed, lied to, angered, while at the same time scared and powerless. It is perfectly normal to have these reactions, but you must understand that this is in no way helpful in this situation.

You are, under no circumstances, ready to deal with this issue with this state of mind.

What you need to do is clear your head, and fast. Chances are you are standing right in front of your kid when finding out about this habit, and the last thing you want is to break your composure.

Pace around, take deep breaths, do whatever you can in order to calm down. Only by calming down can you properly proceed and deal with this issue in a manner that will not jeopardize your relationship with your kid in the long run.

2. Refrain from using psychological parenting techniques like guilt or judgment

Before continuing, you need to understand that your kid is in a very vulnerable place right now.

He or she has been exposed and is more than aware that there will be consequences for his or her actions. Using psychological techniques like guilt, judgment, conveying disappointment, and so on, will have a negative impact on your kid.

What you need to do is remain, not uncaring, but rather neutral.

It’s done, it happened, and no amount of disappointment, guilt, or judgment will undo it.

By remaining neutral, and not pressing the negative aspect too much, you will be creating a safer environment and a more relaxed atmosphere for your kid to be in.

3. Have a calm and collected talk with your kid

Once you’ve cleared your mind, and the air, you will need to sit down, next to your kid, and have a serious talk about marijuana, and why he or she is smoking it.

Something important to note here is the fact that you will not be talking to your kid from a position of superiority, like a parent or an elder. You will be talking to your kid as an equal, a friend, on his or her level.

This is going to be a bit tricky, mostly because your kid will not open up to you right away. You will have to be patient, give him or her some room, and keep the tone relaxed and friendly.

What you need to find out is why your kid started smoking, for how long he or she has been smoking, and why he or she continued smoking. It can be peer pressure, stress relief, chasing a high, trying to fit in, all the way to family issues and a way to disconnect.

No matter what the reason is, try and understand your kid rather than condemning him or her.

4. Seek professional help

Kicking this habit is not easy, and without the proper training and experience, you will not know what to expect and how to react. Not to mention the fact that there is no clear way to guarantee that your kid will not start smoking marijuana again in the future if you go about helping him or her by yourself.

The best way to deal with this is to seek professional help.

First off, enroll your kid in a rehab clinic. This can be done under a pseudonym and the real identity of your kid can remain completely hidden. This will help your kid go through marijuana detox properly and kick the habit while under trained supervision.

After that bit is done, the next thing you will want to do is enroll your kid in a support group. There are a lot of groups out there that can help your kid overcome his or her problems, as well as help him or her stay on the right track.

5. Be prepared to stand by your kid’s side

By far one of the most important things that you will need to do is be by your kid’s side.

Make no mistake about it, your kid will have to go through some tough challenges, especially when in withdrawal.

Although he or she might not show it, your support will be invaluable. Remember that this is not a good time to play the parent and apply discipline, this is the time to show your kid that, no matter what happens, you are there for him or her.

In conclusion

Finding out that your kid is smoking marijuana can be a tough hit to take, but you need to remember that your kid is in a delicate situation too.

The most important that you can do is keep your cool, keep your composure, and keep an equal level with your kid while seeking specialized treatment.

Support your kid and be there for your kid, that is the best way to make sure that your kid understands what he or she is putting you through, appreciates your sacrifices, and ultimately learns to stay away from drugs.

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