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What It's Like Having Anxiety During a Pandemic

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Anxiety is one thing on the best of days. It's got its regular day-to-day challenges, and while I wouldn't say I've mastered coping, I do have a pretty thorough understanding of my own anxiety.

However, pandemic anxiety is a new one for me. It's like regular anxiety with an extra dose of worry and spark. Anxious moments come around more often and they linger for longer periods of time. It's exhausting, more so than normal anxiety.
There's more confusion and arguments between my more rational mind its anxious nemesis.

Here's a glimpse inside a highly anxious person during the pandemic:

Eat whatever you want! There's no time like now! But seriously, relax and enjoy the extra cookie.


Don't eat shit, you'll get fat and sick. That extra cookie will stick to your already bulging hips and you'll seriously regret it. Just because there's a pandemic, doesn't mean you can start eating all willy-nilly.

Do what you can. Take your time and go through the rooms of the house and purge. You've got nothing but time. Take it easy.


You're not doing enough. You have all this time and you haven't even got to doing half the shit you said you would.

Homeschool, but don't put too much pressure on yourself or the kid. He'll be six soon, but he's still little.


You suck at this. You're not doing enough. There's too much tablet. You're ruining your kid's brain. You're failing.

You can work from home and homeschool. You've got this. It's hard so give yourself some credit. Stop being so hard on yourself. It's a learning curve for everyone.


You're not doing enough! Do more! Push more!

How about trying longer less-rushed workouts? You have the time and it will really help with your mental health.


Still not long enough. Not good enough. Still not looking trim enough.

I think you've got the picture.

Moral of the story?

You have no idea the troubles and challenges people are going through during these times. If there's a time to back off from being judgmental, now is that time. We should be coming together, not ripping each other apart.

I have no idea what your struggles are, but I do know that you are not alone.

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