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What is All About Rapid Tooling and the Benefits Associated

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Rapid Prototype Tooling or simply Rapid Tooling is the type of rapid prototyping that involves creation of a mold rather than a part or final product. It is also popularly called as soft tooling or prototype tooling, but the method is essential peeled back injection mold tooling that enables the industries to inexpensively and quickly get mold instead of parts.

It is very crucial to distinguish between the realization and concept as there are different methods of achieving the similar outcomes. Conceptually, it is the type of injection mold tooling which is used for manufacturing and cost effectively to enable validation and testing of parts prior to investing in the final production tooling. In regards to realization, anything that allows you to perform this can apply here. The primary reason for manufacturing the Rapid Tooling is to validate and test parts in prototyping phases of new product creation.

What is Rapid Tooling?

Rapid Tooling is the process of rapid prototyping that involves creation of mold rather than a part and once the mold is created with the process, it is used as a part of molding process for creation of multiple prototypes of the part. Basically it is the method of creating mold in less time possible.

This prototyping method enables the industries to use actual production grades of materials, enabling them to see clearer images of how the part would act in real world application and allowing them to confirm and test that are produced item and whether or not right materials are used. The parts are also injection molded so as to achieve a production that can be used for impact and stress testing. In this stage you can easily make out whether any changes are required prior to involving in expensive production tooling.

What are the Benefits of Rapid Tooling?

The Rapid Tooling comes with multiple benefits over the other types of prototyping production and this includes:

  • Faster processing – This prototyping tooling offers faster and precise results, so that the transition between the production and development is very shorter and minimal
  • Customization Option – This is the tooling method that allows the users to enjoy advanced customization option to the mold and this is not possible with any other method of prototype production
  • Proof of Concept and Testing –The Rapid Prototyping Tooling facilitates practical and real world design troubleshooting and testing. This in turn offers faster and precise production of new tooling that comes with the benefit of design changes and improvements if required.
  • Fast to Market – The precise and faster production of mold leads to faster and efficient production and finally sending the products to market at rapid pace.
  • Competitive Pricing –Affordability of the process means positive impacts on the final result for the customers and this makes it the top choice of many industries and production units when it comes to prototype any mold.

These were some of the benefits that you can enjoy with the process of Rapid Tooling and ensure to choose the right company to have the best solutions.

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