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Challenge: Open Discussion

What if There Were an App for That?

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Chances are in today’s technological world, if you can dream it, it can be made into an app. Okay, maybe not quite, but we’re getting definitely close! Typically there’s an idea person who comes up with a brilliant plan for an app and then there’s the developers who actually create the thing, and then there’s testing… and more testing. (And of course, somebody with cash to back the idea. I mean, have you seen Silicon Valley?) But for a second, let’s just be the idea person! What kind of app would you create if you could? For example: I’d like an app that tells me if I fed my dog or not (sorry Revis!) or one that takes into account what my family and I want to eat and what’s already in my fridge and pantry, and then spits out a shopping list and recipes for my week’s meals. Actually, I bet that already exists… But what about apps that make the world better? And apps that make your girl’s life a little easier? What is something she and her friends would like to have in the palm of their hand to help them out at a moment’s notice?

A great way to spark a conversation with the young woman in your life about this subject is to play this game with your girl. Ask what app she would create. Spark some creativity and bounce ideas back and forth while getting inside her pretty little head a bit! Try to get her to think of things that her generation actually needs! Like an app that helps girls be kinder, better digital citizens, slooooow down. Maybe when you begin typing a message, the app asks, “Do you really want to send that?” I wonder if there’s a way to teach an app to detect sarcasm…?

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