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What Every Parent Should Know About Buying Toys Online

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Online shopping is easy and saves you a lot of time, so it's a busy parent's dream. Buying toys for your kids online while you sip your morning coffee is so convenient and you get to choose from so many products. But online shopping comes with a set of traps, especially in the toys' industry. The biggest problem is counterfeit, but there are also other issues with buying children's products online.

Here are the things you should be aware of when shopping online.

Counterfeit items

The biggest problem with online shopping is counterfeit. The governments struggle to make sure all products are original by conducting customs checks, but some counterfeit products still manage to make it to the online stores. When you are shopping online for toys you need to make sure the product you see is original and safe for your child. Safety is the main problem of counterfeit products, as most of them are made from poor materials. The toy might break into small pieces which can harm the baby or become dangerous for them, if swallowed.

Age appropriate

Another thing you need to be aware of when buying toys online is the child's age. Small kids tend to “test” toys with their mouth, so they can easily breathe in or swallow small parts. They also have a high risk of chocking, so when you shop for toddlers and small kids make sure the toy can't be ingested.

Another problem is the type of toy you are buying. There are many guns out there which include flying parts that can injure a child. An example of a dangerous toy is the gun which shoots tiny plastic balls, which can lead to serious injuries if they are aimed at eyes.

On the edge of safety

Many children's toys you can find online have sharp edges that can cut little fingers. The materials they are made of are very important: you don't want a toy painted with lead-based paint, for example. Look for non-toxic labels and always check the ingredients list, especially on makeup products for little girls.

Avoid electricity

Most toys operate on batteries, but there are some products which require plugging into an outlet. These should be avoided, as they can easily harm the child, who will try to plug them in on their own. They can also become dangerous when water is spilled on them, so stay away from such devices.

Optional things to consider

Apart from safety issues, you might want to consider a number of practical issues when buying a toy online. Toys made from fabric should be washable, as they quickly become dirty and gather a lot of allergens, so you need to be able to wash them. Noise is another important feature: a musical or squeaky toy can stimulate a child, but if it is too loud, you might regret the decision to buy it.

Toys which require your involvement in the child's play are great, because they enable you to spend quality time with your child, which is very important for their development.

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