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Challenge: Halloween Parade

What does your kiddo’s costume choice mean for their future?

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When our kids are teeny tots, we are lost in a sea of firsts. Every milestone etched in our mom heart marks the path on the road to independence. Within each age and stage we get small glimpses of what the future might hold based on personality, demeanor, interests, and talents. We absorb the moments and march through our days loving on our kids like there’s no tomorrow.

Then before we know it, tomorrow comes. Our littles become bigs before our eyes.

My kiddos were 6, 4, and 2 in this pic. Turns out their costumes of choice back in 1999 foretold a story I couldn’t see at the time.

Wolverine is now 25 and has a profound love for the intersection of science and religion bubbling beneath his surface, including a deep spiritual longing to understand the heart/brain connection as a means to help us all know our true selves. Although we didn’t anticipate these passions in 1999, looking back on the X-men costume makes sense. Our son still wants to be a superhero with the means to protect and help humankind. He’s bold and passionate about doing both, just like Wolverine.

Barney is 24 and has a passion to change the world by stressing and teaching the importance of relationships within our connected universe, as well as how to communicate well within these relationships. He loves people and is the most gentle spirit—old soul if there ever was one—you’ll meet. Much like Barney bringing joy to all the little children, our son showers love and compassion on everyone he meets, friends and strangers alike. It’s interesting to look back and see how the Barney Show focused on caring, sharing, and learning.

Po is a 22-year-old free spirit and avid traveler in the beginning stages of a videography career. Her creativity and breathless spirit for service lights up the world on the regular. Immersion trips to Guatemala and Ecuador while in college broke her heart wide open for humanity, especially the marginalized. She is also a nut ball full of boundless energy and goofy antics. Looking back at her love for the Teletubbies speaks volumes because the show took place in an idyllic world full of love and laughter. The characters would spin a pinwheel-shaped windmill which encouraged kids to explore and investigate the world around them.

So, what are your littles dressing up as this Halloween? Or what have they pretended to be in the past?

You just never know what mysterious story lines linger beneath their masks. Time will tell as you maneuver through the tricks and treats of all things motherhood.

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