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What does a working mom look like? In my house it looks a little like this.

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What does being a working mom look like?

Well, in my house... it looks a little like this.

Boxed pizza on a paper plate.

But like, the fancy pizza with mushrooms and stuff.

Feet on the table (sorry, not sorry)

I took off my shoes. Relax, Karen.

Talking to my husband about our day for 34 seconds while he’s sitting on the counter across from me.

Laptop sitting to my left to finish working.

Glass of wine to sip.

Dog angling to steal my food.

Sheer exhaustion on my face.

Just kidding. This is just my face now.

I blame the small people.

Kids homework done.

Dishes are not.

Lunches are packed.

All children playing downstairs nicely.

Waiting for the screams.

Wait... there they are.

Is there blood?

Is anything broken?

Go back downstairs.

Don’t lock your brother in the closet.

Why is it not even 7pm yet?

Someone invent a self washing dishwasher please.

No... not the dishwasher appliance.

Dishes that actually wash themselves.

Annnnd go....

Is it bedtime?

Did I finish that spreadsheet?

Crap I have toilets to clean.

When did I bathe them last?

I think it’s bath night.

I need to write that marketing campaign by Thursday.

No we’re not making crafts out of the nice tablecloth.

Did I remember to put gas in the car?

If I stop it’ll ruin my commute in the morning.

Maybe I should just go tonight.

Who left the peanut butter in the laundry room?

If I fall asleep by 11, I’ll get a full 6 hours of sleep.

Unless a kid gets up.

A kid will for sure get up.

Let’s shoot for 4 hours.

I think I’ll get some writing done at 2am.

What does being a working mom look like?

Well, in my house... it looks a little like this.

Love & Hugs,

Nicki - Momming all the Boys

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