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What Does a Parent Legally Have to Provide for a Child?

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A person needs to understand the responsibilities that come with having a family. If you are planning on having kids then you need to understand all the responsibilities that you have to deal with.

When you become a parent you have the right to make important decisions regarding your kid’s life. There are also certain legal duties that parents have to take care of. Children need support to grow and prosper and support does not just mean getting food and clothing. They will require moral and emotional support as well.

A parent is legally obliged to provide children with basic necessities like shelter, clothing, food, and education. If you are getting a divorce or separation then you need to get in contact with child custody solicitors so that you can find out your legal obligations.

Here is a guide that will let parents know about their legal obligations towards their children.

The basic legal duties:

The parental obligations come to an end when the children become of age. The age of parental obligation can extend in special circumstances as if the child has any disability. The parents have the choice of supporting the kids even after they legally become adults.

Right to education:

Basic education is every child’s right. The parents are responsible for making sure that the kids get to go to school. Parents also need to ensure that the children are meeting the attendance requirements. They have the right to make a decision about whether the kids go to public or private schools. Parents can choose to homeschool as well. They are not legally bound to pay for the college degree but if they wish to pay for it then there is nothing wrong with it. They can pay for higher education if they can afford to.

Necessary medical care:

Keeping the kids healthy and happy is the parent’s responsibility. The parents are legally bound to make sure that the children have a healthy living environment. If the kids feel unwell then the parents have to take the kids to the hospital and ensure that they get the medical attention they deserve.

Financial aid:

Parents are legally obliged to make sure that all of the financial needs of kids are met. When people decide to have a family it is important that they are financially competent to deal with the expenses that come with having kids.

The parents still have to provide financial aid even if they are separated or divorced. The legal responsibilities do not disappear just because married people decide to lead separate lives. They still have to make sure that the kids are able to have a comfortable life with all the basic necessities.

If the parents fail to pay child support then they can face serious legal consequences. If your financial situation has changed and you want to modify the child support arrangement then you have to submit a proper application and give evidence that your financial situation has changed and you cannot afford to pay the set child support.

Emancipation of minor kids:

The parental obligations can be terminated before the kids reach the age of majority through emancipation. Through the legal process of emancipation, the minors can assume responsibilities regarding their life. The parents are no longer legally obliged to provide financial support as the minors are responsible for their welfare and are not dependent on anyone else.

The minors looking for emancipation have to file a petition with the court and they have to meet specific criteria. The courts take the best interest of the kids into consideration before making the decision.

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