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Challenge: WHO Are You?

What Did You Do Yesterday? Finding Balance Through Introspection

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Yesterday, I was a kid. I was playing soccer and running around with my siblings, driving my parents crazy.

Yesterday, I was a teenager. I was trying out different hairstyles and trends and chasing around boys in my short skirt.

Yesterday, I went to college. I moved to a new state and had lots of new experiences.

Yesterday, I met a boy. I came back home from college for winter break and found someone to bring back to Boston with me.

Yesterday, I graduated college. I not only completed four years at a prestigious university with a dual-degree, but I got married, at the young age of 22.

Yesterday, I started law school. I had hopes and dreams for a money-making career, but realized that was not a path of passion for me.

Yesterday, I taught in a bilingual preschool and my love for children was reinforced.

Yesterday, I moved to Virginia and began my role as a Service Coordinator for a therapeutic foster care agency.

Yesterday, I was pregnant with my first child — my mini-me.

Yesterday, I quit my job to raise my child.

Yesterday, I returned to work, for the money and the fulfillment.

Yesterday, I struggled to balance motherhood and a demanding and often disheartening career as a legal assistant.

Yesterday, I experienced a tragedy like no other — a tragedy that has forever changed me.

Yesterday, I was pregnant with my second child — the most amazingly sweet and charismatic boy you will ever meet.

Yesterday, I was struggling to find a way to deal with the challenges of mothering two children under the age of 3.

Yesterday, I found my groove and began to feel confident in my ability to parent two children.

Yesterday, I was uncomfortable about my appearance — weighing more than I had ever weighed before.

Yesterday, I made a change, for the sake of my health and self-confidence, and I lost close to 75 pounds.

Yesterday, I was pregnant with my third child, who we loving refer to as “boss baby”.

Yesterday, with three children in tow, I felt a sense of amazement when thinking about how my life has turned out.

Yesterday, I started writing, and I have never felt so passionate about something (other than my family) as I do now.

When we think about where we are today, we can either find peace or ill-contentment. I hope that each one of you find serenity and balance from knowing where you started, and all of the things that you have gone through to get to where you are now.


Whatever your answer, be proud of it; for what you did yesterday and all the yesterdays before, shapes who you are today.

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