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We're six months into a pandemic and all I can say is WOOZZAAAHHH

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Welp, we're six months into a pandemic, and I've got four (I think) full weeks of my kids'

e-learning under my belt.

And, with a nine, six, and four-year-old in the house

-- pretty much up my sagging biscuit 24/7 --

I've learned a few things that I'm just going to go ahead and share with you...

1. I suck at 4th-grade math.

2. I like to drink wine A LOT more during pandemics.

3. It's really easy to gain 20lbs.

4. I hate cooking and serving up 2384493859073987584635 meals and snacks a day.

5. I'm Netflix's beotch.

6. Pigs will fly before my kids don't bicker ALL. DAY. LONG.

7. Most everyone I know is hanging on by a thread.

8. I am single-handedly keeping UberEats and Drizly in business.

9. The year 2020 has aged me like ten years.

10. Everything will turn out okay. And, until it does, I've just got to keep my humor about me.


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