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We're Not Surviving This Shelter in Place Order

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Much like a succulent, it takes a lot to bring us down.

We're not surviving this shelter in place. We are thriving from it.


We now have the time to do all the things - spend hours outside, take daily walks, craft, explore. We nap and we read and we do laundry - together.

We're laughing a lot more. We're learning new things individually and about each other.


Don't misunderstand. We're fighting too. And we get sick of seeing each other's faces now and again. But, we're still here.

Living life to the fullest.



It's a word I have used often since the triplets were born 10 weeks premature.


They survived. They thrived. My husband and I survived. We thrived.

And we're still at it 7 years later.

"It's time for us to more than just survive. We were made to thrive." -Casting Crown

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