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We're kids, and our hearts beat loud

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We're kids, and our hearts beat loud.

So you're gonna hear us.

A lot.

'Cause we're gonna be loud, like our hearts.

It's a pretty special thing to be a child because once you become an adult, it's apparent that it gets tough to remember that as unique and free human beings that roam this Earth, we have every gosh darn right to be loud.

Loud about our needs.

Loud about our wants.

Loud about our opinions and preferences.

Loud about our rights.

Loud about our faith.

Loud about our dreams.

Loud about God.

Loud about our family.

Loud about our friends.

Loud about our passions.

Loud about our inquiries.

Loud about life.

We get to love loud.

We get to work loud.

We get to play loud.

We also get to fail loud and succeed loud.

We get to learn loud.

We get to grow loud.

We get to do loud, and we get to be loud.

And, we get to own our loudness because it's ours to have, hold and express whenever we gosh darn feel the urge.

Sure, you can guide us on the appropriateness of our loud and the atmospheres and people that appreciate it.

You can suggest to us how to covey it in a way which others will respect and relate to.

You can push us to use our loud to fight injustice or on behalf of "the quiet ones."

You can even join us in our loud if and when you feel the urge.

But, what a waste of time it is encouraging our silence and modeling your own.

What a detrimental mistake it is to chastise us for using the voice you helped to create just because society has made you fearful of using your own.

We're not simmering down.

We're not taking anything down -- not a single notch.

We're down to be loud, and we're gonna stay loud.

We're kids, and our hearts beat loud.

So you're gonna hear us -- AS YOU SHOULD.

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