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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

Well done, mamas

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Well done, mama.

You've gotten those kids to bed.

Yours are still up?

Well done, mama. You're a champ for not stressin' a night routine.

Well done, mama.

Your kid slept through the night.

Yours didn't?

Well done, mama. You've created such an incredible attachment with your child that they crave your presence at all times.

Well done, mama.

Your kid brought home straight As.

Yours has a few Bs and Cs?

Well done, mama. You're raising a resilient, hard worker, and that's awesome.

Well done, mama.

Your kid is a sports superstar.

Yours isn't?

Well done, mama. There's more to life than winning, and winning at life doesn't happen on a field or a court.

Well done, mama.

You've raised a human with manners.

Sometimes yours forgets theirs, you say?

Well done, mama. The world doesn't need any more "perfect" people.

Well done, mama.

You breastfeed all three kiddos, and you made homemade baby food.

Oh, you used formula and kept Gerber in business?

Well done, mama. Your kid was feed. THAT'S. ALL. THAT. MATTERS.

Well done, mama.

Your kid was voted Homecoming King.

Your son wasn't even in the running?

Well done, mama. Good for you raising a child who could care less about some arbitrary popularity contest.

Well done, mama.

Your child got into college.

Yours has decided to take a year off and "find themself?"

Well done, mama. You've done a fantastic job raising a self-thinking, soul-satisfying human.

Well done, mama.

All your children have flown the coop and are building family nests of their own.

Yours is still single without an itch to change that status?

Well done, mama. You've brought up a woman who refuses to settle or rush her life.

Well done, mama.

Well done, all mamas.

Whether your kid is

an all-star,

a rock star,

face painting stars on kids cheeks at birthday parties

or the star of the circus show that is their life,

well done, mama.

While a mother's job is never done,

everything you've done, you've done well

because you've put your whole heart and crapton of energy into it

-- into them --

and it shows.

Well done, mamas.

You're all incredibly impressive and don’t you dare let anything anyone says or does make you think otherwise.

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