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Welcome to Phase 2

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There’s this moment in time when you realize the next phase of life has begun.

You’re done having babies.

You knew you were done a while ago. But now you look at the 3 of them and you know that that part of your life is over. It’s never coming back. And that’s ok.

Your youngest will be 5 in two weeks.

They can all make their own cereal, self entertain, work the electronics and wipe their own butts (’s still best to spot check).

They don’t NEED you anymore. They still love you. They still hug you. They still want to snuggle you. But they don’t NEED you. They'll always need mom, but this is different.

You’re able to walk in the other room or go do something and not worry about the silence.

You can go to a gathering and not get distracted every 20 seconds making sure you have eyes on your littles.

Honestly now... you worry much more about the screaming and wrestle-mania... and them hurting other kids.

Welcome to phase 2. It includes sports, video games, a lot of homework you don’t understand, all-the-groceries, and the ability to sit down and relax if needed.

For some, phase 2 is a little sad. For me, phase 2 is what I’ve been looking forward to for years.

I love my self sufficient little man children.

I’ll still hold your baby if you ask me to. I’ll snuggle him/her and let you rest. Then I’ll give him/her back. And go home to my phase 2 madness.

Welcome to phase 2. It’s still crazy here. But at least I get to eat and sleep now. Sort of.


- Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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