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Challenge: Walking the Talk

We will always hear you

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I am a mom to one biological teenager, and 2 step teenagers. They range from 14 - 19. Our oldest is 21 now but he WAS a teen when I came around. So I slowly waded into the teenage parenting role before my own son hit 13. And I will say - I almost didn't survive, I had no idea what to do more often than I would like to admit, and there were times I wanted to quit because I didn't think I was cutout for it. But because of my ability to communicate, we survived. And my relationship with my teenage stepsons thrived.

My (now) husband was horrible at communication while I PREACHED communication. He couldn't believe the way I handled the things with my boys or how I was able to communicate with them - as well as their biological father. Having decent communication between myself, my boys, and their father was just unheard of in his world. But I have always refused to have anything less than open communication in my home. Regardless of the topic, I have been, and will continue to be, that table that you can sit at and throw it at me.

Over time, communication is something that my husband still has to work very hard at but he has moved mountains to try and for that I have to commend him. I cannot let my boys grow up in a world where they think the internet and their ridiculous teenage friends are their only source of reference for life! Absolutely not. And he has grown to understand, appreciate, and agree with that same theory.

My boys will learn from me. From us!

Our boys will talk to US and know that it is ALWAYS an option to come to US. They will know that even if they are in the wrong, we will sit and listen to their side no matter what.

We will always answer your call. We will never let you walk out of the house if either one of us feels like something is off. We will always be okay with making you uncomfortable in a conversation as long as we know our job is done in keeping you safe and educated and aware.

No matter what. Good or bad. In this home, we will always hear you!


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