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We Should Always Show Up - No Matter Our Mistakes

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There was a time when I lamented my inability to correctly pronounce the 'chaff.' Well, it looks like, I still can't.


I've been reading daily mass, for easily 7 years now which means it's no surprise that many (many) of the readings have become very, very familiar.

Because of our Mardi Gras vacation, I haven't read since February 13th. For my 45 year-old brain that no longer functions like it used to, that's an eternity. I also lost an hour of sleep this week and I want it back very badly. I believe there was a full moon. To say I was rusty this morning is an understatement.

Instead of the word test, I said tell. Instead of the word drought, I said distress. Instead of the correct pronunciation of chaff, it's possible that I said coronavirus.

It’s Lent. The church was packed.

What's the point? The point is, that even after 7 years of practice I still make mistakes. Lots of them. But I still show up every other Thursday. No one is perfect and even with years and years of practice, we won't ever be.

And that's okay.

Not being perfect is never a valid excuse for not doing something. Especially something you love doing. I will continue to show up and serve my community, even when I am full of mistakes. I will continue to show up, and readily confuse the congregation on the correct pronunciation of the word chaff. And on days like today, I'm not even sure anymore. xoxo

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