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We need to do less at Christmas

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I hate to complain about the holidays. I love them, but every year, they become less and less about their true meanings.

I love seeing family and reconnecting with the people I love but don't get to see often, but it becomes a lot of travel and stress when you have two toddlers in tow. Heck, even without toddlers, it's exhausting!

*Make the food.

*Clean the dishes.

*Buy the presents.

*Wrap the presents.

*Buy more presents.

*Cook more food.

*Clean the mess from the presents.

*Continue making more food.

*Oops, I forgot I need to buy another present.

*Why are we still eating?

Again, this sounds like one big ungrateful complaint, but that is not my intention. I'm not the only one feeling overwhelmed. I see it in the eyes of the beautiful people around me who are cooking all the food or trying to purchase all the gifts.


I'm ready to close the door on the gifts, make less food, tell all the children that they don't NEED more toys, and focus on what I truly love about Christmas.

Three years ago, I remember standing in church and listening to my worship pastor (Gray Steadman) sing, “O Holy Night.” I wrapped my arms around my tummy that held my soon to be little boy, and my body flooded with an overwhelming amount of thankfulness and gratitude. I was told that I would most likely never be able to have children — but that Christmas, I was carrying my very own miracle.

I'm so thankful for the one who came and changed my life forever. I am even more humbled that he chose me to mother my own precious baby boy.

Let's stop stressing and enjoy the beauty of this precious holiday. Love on your loved ones and appreciate time spent together. Merry Christmas!


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