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Challenge: Back to School 2020

We made 2020 school year decisions that work for our family. Because in the end, that is really all that matters.

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Look it’s “Jake from State Farm” her little brother teased as she was waiting to leave for school in her red top and khaki bottom school uniform.


Our youngest son was referring to our oldest daughter, who is off to private school this year.

The 2020 school year that none of us was quite prepared for.

The school year that we couldn’t have prepared for.

I mean, I’ve been homeschooling for the past 5 years so the thought of continuing to homeschool this year didn’t bother me. But this was the year that our oldest started high school at a private school in our area.

This decision was made over 5 years ago when we started homeschooling. My husband and I had decided that I would school the kids through middle school, then we would send them to private school for the high school years. Because I wanted no parts of creating transcripts and such.

So, off to private school for the high school years sounded great to me.

Well, this was the year.

To send our oldest to 9th grade to the private school.

And it was not supposed to start out this way.

During a pandemic, of all things.

We were supposed to tour the school this past March but at that point things were starting to shut down. So, we had to complete her application, send in documentation, get her registered and enrolled, all without touring the school.

Though, I spoke with the principal over the phone during an interview, that was about the extent of ‘getting familiar with the school’.

I felt a little anxious.

And a little unsettled on if this was the right decision.

I wasn’t quite prepared to send her off this way.

With masks, Clorox wipes, sanitizer, all of the protocols and the waivers.

I even debated whether or not to just keep her home this year to continue to homeschool her through the 9th grade. But after praying, we decided to keep with our plan.

And now that we’re into week 2, I can honestly say that things are actually off to a great start!

The school and staff have been amazing.

Their procedures and protocols are re-assuring and we feel great about our decision to stick with sending her to private school.

We have one child in private school.

One in public school currently attending virtually.

And two in homeschool.


Yeah, I know it sounds all over the place but it’s what works for us. And in the end, that’s what it is all about, right?

It’s all about what works for you and your family.

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