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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

We all need cheerleaders, sure, but you've got to be your loudest one

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If a person writes a book and it sells less than 100 copies, should she have written it?

If a student takes a test and tries hard but fails, should he feel proud of his effort?

If someone enters a contest but doesn't win, should they even have played?

And the answer is, without a doubt, hell f*ckin' YES.

As I get older, I'm finding it harder and harder to cling to my inherent worth and not base it on how relevant and important others find me.

How much I do.

Or, rather,

how much I do that people take notice of.

But then I ask myself,

why do I want to be noticed?

Why do I feel I need to be seen and told I'm appreciated?

Why does it matter if THEY like me?

If this collective group of people I don't know from adam or even those I have connections and relationships with believe in who I am and what it is I'm doing?

And that answer is because we all need cheerleaders.

We all need people on our side.

We all feel a little better about ourselves when there's someone or many someones in our corner reminding us that we're strong, capable and that our sweat and tears have a purpose that we are inching closer to every single minute.

But the trap a lot of us fall into is failing to be

our own cheerleader,

our own Robin,

our own Mickey Goldmill.

Here's a reminder that life isn't about how many people like and love you, but how many people you can like and love, and in turn, support.

Here’s a second reminder that this one life is yours and you have permission to do with it what you damn well please.

And just make sure that, first and foremost, you like and love the hell out of yourself, ‘cause after all, you’re the one you’re with the most.

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