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Virtues of Paying Zakat

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Allah says: “certainly that believers who act righteously, make the prescribed prayer and pay the Zakat, will be rewarded by their Lord, and they do not fear nor be grieve ’. (2:277) “Who give the Zakat, night and day, in private or in public, will have their reward with their Lord, and not fear nor be grieve”. (2:274)

Conditions of Zakat

The non-Muslim is not obligated to pay zakat online or to perform other rites of worship. Even though it will be judged on the day of resurrection by not having practiced in life, you are not required to practice them nor accepted them until it islamice.

Goods that do not have to comply with the Haul

Agricultural products, livestock production and commercial gains are subject to payment of the Zakat if they reach the Nisab, although they do not meet a Haul. The buried treasures, be little or much, pay the Zakat regardless the Nisab and Haul.

Young livestock and commercial earnings will pay the Zakat at the same time as the original cattle or initial capital to fulfil your Haul, if it is that latter reaches the Nisaab.

The Zakat of Waqf property

Waqf assets that are earmarked for public charitable causes such as mosques, schools or others do not pay Zakat. Everything that is destined to be donated in charity for the common good is as Waqfproperty: do not pay Zakat. However, Waqf assets that are reserved for a specific group of people, such as their own children for example, are taxable and pay Zakat.

Do you have to pay Zakat who has a debt?

It Zakat is an absolute obligation which is imposed on the goods even if the owner has a debt whose payment decreases the Nisab. The exception to this is the debt that must be repaid until compliance with the Haul; in this case first must pay off the debt and recently after Zakat is calculated.

What do I pay Zakat?

It Zakat is an obligation which is imposed on the same good and therefore must be paid with the same good, except that the need or the common good dictate otherwise. If it’s beads, for example, you must pay in beads; If it is won, you must pay with head of cattle; and if it’s money you must pay with money. It is not allowed, with intention to replace the Zakat, forgive her debt to whom has no means to pay for it. This noble action cannot replace the payment of Zakat.

Goods that do not pay Zakat

Property for own use do not pay Zakat. This is the case of houses, clothing, furniture, pets, vehicles and others. Abu Hurayrah (Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “the Muslim should not pay Zakat by his servants or his horse”. \[4\] If the person has an amount of money that reaches the Nisaab and meets the Haul, it must pay Zakat for that money, although you have assembled it for the maintenance of your home, in order to marry, buy land, pay off a debt or other purposes.

If a person dies having something of Zakat, their heirs must pay the Zakat of his inheritance, before complying with his will and spread.

If goods of the Zakat decrease below the Nisaab prior to Haul or are sold without intent to avoid the payment of Zakat, the count of the Haul is suspended. If the goods are changed in Exchange for something of the same species, counting the Haul continues.

If the Muslim dies leaving pending the payment of Zakat and also a debt and assets are not enough to cover both obligations, assets will be divided proportionately to cover what can be both outstanding obligations.

Real paying Zakat

1. values: gold, silver and coins or paper money.
2. cattle: cows, sheep and camels.
3. what comes from the Earth: grains, fruits, valuable minerals
4. goods: all product to trade.

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