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Vacationing Sans Child: The How To Guide

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I’m not sure who said it, but I’ve heard time and time again that a vacation with your children isn’t a vacation…it’s just a relocation. This. is. so. true. When we take a bigger trip and rent a house, I find myself still doing the things I do at home-— from doing laundry to preparing dinner, though the location is different and gorgeous, it’s still work. Is it worth it? I believe so, but nothing says vacation like a few days off with no one calling you mom or demanding your attention 24/7.

Every year, my husband and I try to find one long weekend to escape minus our little one. This year, we spent the weekend in Charleston (and are still raving about the food we ate! Shout out to Hall’s Chophouse and Husk!)

Find Someone You Trust to Keep Your Little Ones

This is the trickiest part when working towards a trip away. We are lucky to have our parents who are still able and willing to take our daughter for a few days in a row. But, it’s been harder as she’s started school and had her own schedule of activities and our parents still have lives as well. So, once you’ve found someone that is able to help you out, know that you have to be flexible with their time and the reality that for the time you’re gone, your kid’s schedule and routine will have to be shifted to accommodate the amazing people that are offering to help you have a getaway.

Plan, plan, and plan some more

I don’t mean get to planning your vacation, but anticipate what you might have to do to make your time away easier on your kiddo and their caregiver. I pack clothes for every possible scenario, send a new toy and activity so that if Grandma needs a little break, we have something to occupy our daughter’s time, and ensure that whoever is watching your little one has a printed schedule of activities, doctors, etc. just so they know what’s up!

Choose a place that works for you

Though I have friends that leave the country, I’m still not there yet and in fact, am not cool with being anywhere farther than a 2-3 hour plane ride away just in case. Though it’s unlikely, emergencies do happen and I don’t want to have to be a country away. In the past we’ve spent weekends in Florida, Colorado, and Vegas…super fun, far enough away to feel removed from reality, but close enough to jump back into it when it’s time!

Relax because Reality will be Back Before You Know It

Enjoy your time. I know it’s tempting to FaceTime every hour or to check in constantly, but no news is good news and likely, your kid is having the time of his or her life on their own little parent free vacation. In fact, we plan very little ahead of time (other than dinner reservations) so that if we want to, we can just spend the day at the pool with a good book and remember what it was like to travel without having to carry a bag filled with goldfish, fruit snacks, and extra clothes.

Happy traveling!


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