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Using Excel To Become a More Efficient and Better Parent

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The amount of clubs and extracurricular activities that children are in today are numerous to say the least. Not all parents are lucky enough to have one parent stay with the kids and take on the chauffeuring of the children around as a part of their daily life. A great option can be a friend of your child who has parents that are willing to drive the kids most places. In the real world though kids do different things than their friends and only have a few activities in common. This means that the organization of the schedules for multiple children have to be spot on. The following are ways that using Excel can make you more efficient as a parent which allows you to be a better parent.

Set The Weekly Schedule Sunday

The setting of the schedule in the beginning of the week is important as it gives everyone an idea of who is picking which child up as well as who is cooking. This can be done very easily and shared through Google Docs in order for real time editing to take place. The most important thing that you can do is get involved with your child or teen’s schoolwork with this method. Projects that are due should be on this schedule as well as it might be necessary to miss a band practice in order to pull up a grade by the end of the semester. A set schedule allows your child to get into a routine which is beneficial in the structure of a child’s day.

Plan What Is For Dinner

Dinner can become a nightmare for a busy family if someone is not home to cook it. Prepping meals beforehand will take quite a bit of organization. Putting this into an Excel sheet can be a great help as you will see the ingredients that you have and ones that you need to get. A teenager can be a huge help with preparing dinner as it will be a skill that they will need when they go out on their own. If you are lucky your teen or significant other will love cooking so it will never be an issue.

Set Your Work Priorities Around Your Family

Putting your work priorities and deadlines into an Excel sheet that is incorporated in the family’s schedule is important. You might see a weekend you need to work in order to have off for a baseball tournament or a family reunion. Being able to prioritize as a parent is important but it can become difficult with so many things going on unless you have it organized in an Excel file. An Excel workbook can even help with budgeting on a monthly basis. Utilizing this technology can make you a better parent and even a better adult.

The world of parenting has changed immensely but thankfully so has technology. Do not underestimate the power of using Excel as it is a staple of huge corporations and entrepreneurs everywhere. If you can’t hire a personal assistant then Excel is your best bet to stay as organized as possible.

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