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What Do I Tell My Kids?

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As one who is rarely as a loss for words, I’m at the point where I don’t know what to say. School for my kids starts in roughly four weeks, and as a parent who routinely offers his kids words of encouragement every morning before school, I am truly speechless.

There’s no doubt that things will look different when a new school year begins. I’m already nervous for my daughter Addison to begin junior high - her fifth school in eight years. Junior high years are tough for preteen and teen girls so I’m constantly thinking about what solace my words can offer her.

My son Jackson will be in third grade, on the cusp of beginning middle school. Addison was 9 when I first began writing notes to her. Now that Jackson is 9, do I do the same for him? Do I offer something different? Is there a dad manual I can reference?

As parents, all of us are nervous and worried about the new school year which is quickly approaching (almost too quickly). I feel like a failure for not having the write words on the tip of my Sharpie ready to go.

I can only write “Be nice, wash your hands, and wear you mask!” ❤️ Dad so many times, but while my kids are resilient, I do know they are nervous too. Maybe not as much as me or Ashleigh, but they know what lies ahead for them next month.

There are 180 or so days of school. What are you going to tell your kids each morning? What do I tell my kids?

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