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Our priest ended his sermon yesterday with an important reminder. This goes for all of us:

“Pay no attention to acceptance or rejection. We have no control over who accepts us and who doesn’t. We can only control what we do next going forward.”

This picture is a tiny glimpse into the amount of my submissions that have been both accepted and rejected. I’ve honestly lost track of the complete list. Partly because it feels like I’ve been rejected more than I’ve been accepted!

If you look closely, one piece was rejected but then that same article was accepted by another, larger publisher. Sure the rejections suck, I’d be lying if I said they didn’t. But you cannot get stuck because of a rejection.

We can’t control who accepts us and who doesn’t. But we sure as hell shouldn’t let rejections determine our value and ability.

So, as I tell my kids, and often have to remind myself, don’t let a ‘no’ today get in the way of tomorrow’s ‘yes!’ xoxo

{File this under: Yet one more reason why you should listen to your mother and pay attention at mass!}

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