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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

The Holidays Don't Have to Make You Crazy, Mamma! Tips on How to Make the Holidays Easier This Year.

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Posed with the question how do you reduce holiday stress? UHM……. is that even possible? Is that a real thing because, uh, every mother in the universe is searching ways to reduce holiday stress. From Pinterest holiday treats for kids to Pinterest organizing boards for your wrapping paper, stress is something that warps and wraps it’s self around your head and convinces you it’s a crown.

Here is one thing I have learned that reduces my holiday stress immensely. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT.

Listen mamma, and daddy, you do not have to do the things. (Who am I kidding, Dads don’t do the things anyway.)

You don’t have to cut out snowflake Christmas cards for your child’s class.

You don’t have to send any Shutterfly cards with pictures of your family either. (Really though, we spend time, energy, and money on those things and they go in the trash on January 1st anyways.)

You do not have to decorate your entire outer house to look like the gingerbread house you saw in the magazine at the doctor’s office. Your neighbors will not think any less of you, I promise.

You don’t have to hide the elf every night. I know for me, I don’t need one more thing to have to remember.

You do not have to purchase matching family pajamas. You can if you would like, but you do not have to it. The world will not come crashing down if you don’t do it.

If going to 17 different Christmas get-togethers stresses you out you, do NOT have to do it! Your extended family will understand, if they don’t, oh well. Your stress level being low is better for your husband and kids.

Don’t stress this year about the Christmas church service! I know how the story goes – brand new outfits, everyone’s hair is perfect and on point, and Lord help us all if anyone screams or crys or acts like you didn’t just come from baking cookies and loving each other. Just put clothes on and go enjoy the celebration of Jesus’ birth together.

Christmas season stresses every mom out. This year I am boycotting the stress and I won’t do things that aren’t important. It’s not a competition. We will enjoy the holidays much, much more if we choose not to take on the pressure of having an “all things Pinterest” Christmas!

Comment with more things you don’t have to do this holiday season!


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