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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

So He Eats Popcorn In Bed - What's It To You?

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I let my son eat popcorn in my bed while watching a movie because it keeps him occupied while I clean. Does this make me a bad mom? Nope, not even a little bit.

My boy doesn't make his bed yet and I do it for him. Is this going to make him lazy and destructive? I'm pretty sure it isn't. He'll get there.

When my kid wakes me up and asks me to sleep with him and I actually fall asleep with him, does this mean he'll never be able to detach from me? That's hilarious. He's only four. We're working on it.

Some mornings my mini doesn't brush his teeth because the fight involved isn't worth it every single morning. Will his teeth rot and fall out? Will he never learn the importance of personal hygiene? Let's all just calm down for a minute. That's pretty extreme.

Sometimes that popcorn he's eating in my bed is a side to his breakfast smoothie. Will this destroy his diet? Come on people, it's once in a blue moon.

I never brush my kid's hair. Does this make me an inattentive mom? Well, if does, I have a whole load of explaining to do to the parenting police.

These are all little things that become huge deals to the general public - a group of people who know nothing about our loves outside of what we share.

We as parents can't help but to compare ourselves to others and wonder how we got it so wrong while everyone else knows what's going on. The truth is, no one knows anything and everyone is simply winging it, hoping to keep their herd alive and well.

You're not a better parent than me because your kid eats fruit for breakfast and mine has a four hour long standoff with me over what's considered food for a meal. It just means that your kid may be slightly more agreeable in this situation. However, my kid may be more agreeable than yours when discussing the importance of what to wear that day. It's all the same.

So, if your kid is alive, well, fed, dressed, happy, and loved, then that's all that should be of any concern. Stop comparing. What's right for you may not be for anyone else and guess what?

That is absolutely OK.

*Note: I'm working on this myself just as much as all of you are. 2764.png❤️1f5a4.png🖤

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