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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

High Tops, 80's and an Autism Meltdown

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I bought my first set of high-top shoes since the 80's about a month ago. It was love at first sight with the beautiful burgundy color. As I laced them up I had to restrain myself from rolling up my pants (if you weren't a child in the 80's you wouldn't understand). My pants just looked so weird without the classic fold and roll.

I climbed into the clown car I was driving as my minivan was in the shop, looking down every so often at stop lights to admire the hue of the new shoes.

Picking up my son from school we headed to Seattle for his appointment. After the appointment he was just done, he couldn't handle anything else. But we still had at least an hour and a half drive home. As the meltdown ensued as I was trying to drive home, I was reminded why we don't drive clown cars. He has long arms and legs that flail when he is upset. It would only take one well placed hit to make us crash.

I'm driving- or attempting to- and Michael Jackson's song "Beat it" comes on. A very appropriate soundtrack for today's adventures in the clown car. I turned up the music rocking out to it. If I was going to go high-top shoes today I might as well go all the way 80's. And my son's kicking and flailing were giving a whole new definition to head-banger songs.

If his meltdown had continued much longer I'm pretty sure the 80's poofy hair would have come back as well, as my hair would have curled on end and my 80's day would have been complete. Luckily I keep fast-acting emergency medicine on hand for times like these. After half an hour our car ride returned to normal and I sadly let go of my 80's memories. Till next time you beautiful shoes!

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