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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Reboot: Finding your parenting happy place

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Let's face it, parenting isn't easy! Most of my days start off way before the sun has even risen, usually face to face with a very persistent 3 year old, demanding to watch Paw Patrol. Talk about a way to start the day, especially without a sip of coffee to help ease the transition. Parenting is hands down the most demanding job, and add on the tasks of every day life it's easy to become burned out. A burned out parent is no good! It's the equivalent of a cranky toddler that hasn't had a nap. Or at least that's what I am like! I can become a cranky mommy without a little reboot in my batteries.

Finding a little "mommy time" is one way I like to reboot. My go to mommy time is exercising. I have found that this short hour I spend at the YMCA not only recharges my mommy batteries but my physical and mental well being. It's my hour of solitude to listen to music that I like, talk to other adults, and work on me. It's a mini vacation from the crazy reality that it is mom life, where work out gear and messy hair is welcome. When my time is up, I am so happy to see his sweet face and to take on the remainder of the day. Exercise fills up my mommy tank! Occasionally, the day may also call for a latte with an extra shot! Just an added boost to make it through those long days. Other days, I have found that there's nothing that a little Netflix and a glass of wine or two (who am I kidding) will fix.

Finding your parenting happy place is a must! What fills up your parenting tank? We as parents have to remember that we matter too. As important as it is to invest in our children, our well being is equally as significant. A little reboot and recharge makes for happier parents, which transfers to our attitudes and actions towards our children.

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