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UNiDAYS CEO Josh Rathour 4 ways parents can support their college-age children during Quarantine.

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A global pandemic is continually changing the career goals of students. More than 124000 Schools and colleges have been closed due to the outbreak of the corona virus. It is affecting more than 55.1 million high school students. Parents are also searching for the best way to work remotely and support their college age children in the quarantine. Some universities and colleges are providing the online classes for younger children or kids. It is a responsibility to supervise the parents and make the use of some great drills that would be helpful for the kids. Josh Rathour is also providing some methods that would be helpful for the students.


Students should get up early in the morning so they can get some spare time for themselves. Make sure that they aren't skipping the breakfast. It is the power of the food that will never stop you from the overeating. Parents can help their kids in creating proper planning in the Quarantine. Here are 4 important methods that will be helpful for parents so they can easily support their college-age kids in the Quarantine.

  • Genuine Schedule
  • Budget
  • Household Tasks
  • Management of the time

College Students should maintain their schedule & find out some important methods to remain productive. It is quarantine time, but parents must insist on their kids to maintain the best routine and move forward in the educational goals. Josh Rathour is also delivering important information regarding career goals and daily routine to the students.

In order to make your college going student financially responsible, then you need to teach so many things. The majority of the students are getting their money from mother & father. Parents should teach to their kids on how to track the credits & debits. They must give a set amount of money to kids so they can spend on every day, week, and month. Josh Rathour is also teaching regarding money budgeting.

To make your work easier, then mothers should teach their kids in quarantine about cleaning related tasks. There are so many life skills that will able to make the kids independent human beings well functioning. You can also learn some important things from Josh Rathour. Here are some household tasks that you can teach to your kids.

  • Ironing
  • Learn about essential tools

If your kid is already old enough to make the use of iron, then you will have to tell them how these things work properly. Make sure that you are teaching household tasks properly to your kids.

Being parents, you should teach your kids how basic repairs work. It is one of the great times where parents can teach so many important things to their kids. They can easily learn life skills from their parents. There are so many bloggers are out there that are providing videos on life skills, and Josh Rathour is one of them.

Make sure that your kids are investing proper time in the learning. You will find a lot of students aren't doing a study. They are facing problems while managing time. They are facing such an issue because they don't have any homework and class time. Sometimes, oversleeping is also creating the toughest problem. It would be quite difficult to manage all these things with no prior practice. Parents should teach that can help them in managing time efficiently.

Moving further, parents should teach these important things to their college-age kids. If possible, then you should design a perfect schedule for your kid.

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