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Challenge: Your Special Traditions

Unconventional Christmas

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Long before we had children we started a Holiday tradition that continues today, over 14 years and counting. Each year at this time we travel for a few weeks to explore and connect as a family. I suspect many of you are thinking we must be closely related to The Grinch, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I am a hugh fan of Christmas, keeping an eye out all year long for that special present for a friend or co-worker, humming Christmas songs in July, and waiting somewhat impatiently for the Holiday movie marathon to begin.

Traveling as a family each year has created incredible memories. Our children experience Christmas in different cultures and locales. They have learned about La Befana, the Italian Christmas witch as well as Père Noël in France.


Traveling has also given us one of the most precious gifts-spending time together. The year gets busy with work, school activities, and life events making it challenging to stay connected despite trying our best.


Our children's Christmas experiences may be less traditional than most, but the memories we create over our extended holiday are just as special and lasting.

Santa may look a little different visiting a hotel room or a balcony but sharing experiences at the expense of extra presents to open has been the best family gift of all.


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