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Challenge: Start Today: Healthy Habits

Ultimate Mommy and Me Workout!

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As a parent, it’s so important to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can be the best mother you were created to be.

When your kids see you working out and join in, they are building healthy habits that will stay with them for years to come. Including your kids in your workout is also a great way to burn off some of their excess energy (ha!) and keep them entertained! You can even make it a fun challenge if your kids enjoy the competition. Now let’s break it down and get to the best mommy and me workouts you can do with your littles today!

Don’t forget to make it fun! The name of the game is patience here. Your kiddo may only want to do one round or they may think it’s boring and move on. Or maybe the wheels fall off and it turns into a tickle fight…just go with the flow!

JUMPING JACKS // Warm up with the most basic move that everyone knows! Do for about 30 seconds with your little helper.

FROG JUMPS // Now, finish your warm-up and see if your little can stay in one place long enough for you to jump over them! Or perhaps they want to jump behind you. Jump down and back a few times to warm up your lower body.

BOOTY KICKS // It’s all in the name, ha! Run in place and try to kick your heel to your booty! Another fun move that will probably make your kiddo giggle. Complete 8x for 4 rounds.

SUPERMANS // Stretch it mamas! This is a really fun move for your kids to do with you. Engage your core and lift your arms and legs as high as you can. It’s great to strengthen your lower back! Complete 8x for 4 rounds.

SIT-UPS // Let your little ones feel like they’re extra strong and tough when they hold your feet! Then do a sit-up as normal! Complete 8x for 4 rounds.

ALLIGATOR UPS // Easily modify these pushups by allowing your knees to touch the ground. Keep your kiddos on your back for an extra challenge for you! Complete 8x for 4 rounds.

CRAB WALKS // Make this move into a race if you have enough space! See who wins! Down and back is one rep! Complete 8x for 4 rounds.

SPRINTS // Next, we did our sprints outside, but it’s perfect to do at the park, in your backyard or while you’re on a walk.

Click here to view the video of me doing this with my sons!

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