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Two Simple Parent Hacks That You’ll Love

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As a multi-tasking Mamma, I am always looking for a way to make life a little easier, a little more organized, and a whole lot sweeter. When I’m taking to parents about all the times being a mom or a dad starts to get a little bananas, I always want to say “Wait, I’ve got a hack for that.” Here are two of my current favorite hacks—the marshmallow boo-boo pack and the outfit burrito roll. Both have been game changers around our house.


When you have little ones, boo-boos are bound to happen. This hack mixes a little first aid and a little sweetness to make your kids feel better faster.

If my kids get a bump or a bruise, they always ask for an ice pack, but those frozen packs can be too cold, leak everywhere, and be uncomfortable on their skin. So instead, I’ve been making a marshmallow boo-boo packs by tossing a few marshmallows into a plastic sandwich bag and leaving it in the freezer. The boo-boo pack gets two thumbs up from my kids because the marshmallows get cold—but not freezing. Plus they stay soft and squishy so it feel great on their skin and wraps around elbows and knees. The best part, you and your kids get a sweet treat when they feel better!


If you are packing your diaper bag, suitcase, or even your child’s bag for school, don’t forget to pack an extra outfit, but instead of folding, think rolling.

Here’s what you do to make a perfect burrito out of your child’s clothes.


• Start by placing the shirt or onesie flat on the table
• Fold the pants in half and place in the center of the shirt
• Fold the sleeves in and crisscross on top of the pants
• Place the socks—toes facing in—on top of the folds of the sleeves near the shoulders.
• Begin rolling from the top of the shirt. When done, the socks will stick out on the sides
• Fold the socks over each side of the roll to have the entire outfit inside the socks
• Place the roll into a plastic bag and toss in your diaper bag or suitcase


This hacks is perfect for saving space and saves time too. You can even fold in hair accessories, bibs, or jewelry for your child’s outfit. Everything they need is all wrapped up in a clothing burrito!

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