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Top Reasons Senior Dental Care Is Very Important

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A Mobile dentist for seniors is very crucial. As we grow old there are some things that we let fall by wayside. Dental health is one of the personal hygiene steps that most people forget. Since dental health has a close connection to the whole body health, it is crucial that seniors have someone to help them keep their oral health a priority.


Looking out for the health of senior loved ones means not only watching their physical ability and nutritional intake, but also on their teeth and gums. Senior dental problems are common from periodontal disease to dry mouth and since oral health can directly impact the overall health of the body, these issues should be taken seriously. It is important to take care of the elderly gums and teeth. Here are some reasons why dental care is crucial.

Heart disease

According to research, there is a connection between heart disease and gum disease. Maintaining good oral health and hygiene is a powerful weapon against stroke, heart attaches and other heart-related conditions. People with periodontal disease are more likely to have heart disease or coronary artery disease. Common mouth problems such as gum disease, missing teeth, cavities can be used to predict heart disease.


Pneumonia has been linked to poor oral health in seniors. By breathing in droplets of bacteria from the mouth to the lungs, the elderly are more susceptible to pneumonia. Good oral hygiene is a good way you can get rid of bacteria. Nursing homes need good oral health care where most of the residents are not able to care for their teeth as they have to rely on caregivers and staff.


Another reason why a mobile dentist for the elderly near me is crucial is that severe gum disease hinders the ability of the body to use insulin. One of the effects of diabetes is high blood sugar levels which can lead to gum infection. Regular dental checkups and good oral care can help prevent diabetes in the elderly.

Darkened teeth

As we grow old, the bone-like tissues that underlie the enamel of the teeth begin to change because of the foods and beverages we eat. Staining, the outer enamel layer getting thin and letting the yellow dentin be seen can darken teeth.

Dry mouth

Cancer treatments that use radiation and taking medications can lead to dry mouth. Saliva keeps your mouth wet and this protects your teeth from decay. It also prevents infections by controlling viruses, bacteria and fungi in the mouth. Having a dry mouth can be problematic.

Gum disease

Plaque and food left in your teeth can cause gum disease. Unhealthy diets, using tobacco products, dentures, poorly fitting bridges and diseases like cancer, anemia and diabetes can also cause gum disease. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and it can be very serious for your overall health as it has been linked to a lot of problems in the body.

Root decay

A mobile dentist for seniors can help seniors prevent root decay. Tooth decay is caused by exposing the tooth root to acids from food. This condition is very common in the elderly.

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