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Challenge: Springtime Crafts for Kids

Top 7 Easter Game Ideas for Kids

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Every year, kids get the same stuff for Easter: chocolate bunnies, stuffed toys, and a new outfit. They eat the chocolate, get the outfits dirty, and the stuffed toys end up getting tossed in a pile with the rest. Then, there is nothing to do for the rest of the day but wait for Easter dinner. So, instead of having them sit around bored all day, give them gifts that they can actually use and have fun with, and that will keep them busy until dinner is ready. Here are some indoor and outdoor games that they can play this Easter.

1. Sack Races

The whole family can have fun with a sack race. This is an any-time game that you can turn into an Easter game simply by providing everyone with bunny ears to wear. If you can’t find any burlap sacks, it is easy to make your own. Most fabric stores sell burlap by the yard, and it is inexpensive. Not only is this a fun game to keep kids busy, it is also great exercise

2. Let them Eat Donuts

String a bunch of donuts on a piece of rope, and tie the rope so it is just high enough for the kids to reach with their mouths. Then, have a donut eating contest with a twist. The kids have to stand beneath the donuts, and try to eat them with their hands tied behind their backs. Make it even more challenging and have them play this game blindfolded.

3. Outdoor Games

Something that is gaining in popularity is a hand-crafted outdoor game, such as Yahtzee! or washers. Many people make and sell these games, with all of the necessary pieces included. The pieces are large enough to play on the grass, and little ones can handle them easily. Outdoor games are the perfect way to start enjoying spring.

4. Give them Customized Buttons

Have cool buttons made with their names, cute Easter designs, etc. It is easy to do, and it is an inexpensive way to create little mementos the kids (and grown-ups) will love. You can even engage kids in making customized buttons designs.

5. Bunny Maze Placemat

Kids can tend to get fidgety at the table, so keep them busy with their own special placemats. This can be a simple as photocopying coloring book pages, easy puzzles, or even comic book pages if they are old enough to be able to read. This will help to keep them quiet and happy so everyone can enjoy a nice Easter dinner.

6. Easter Balloon Pinata

It is easy to make a piñata. You need a balloon, paper machete (easy to make with glue, water, and strips of paper towels), paints or markers, and some candies and small toys to fill it with. Make it, hang it, and let the kids have a ball hitting it to get at the treats.

7. Have an Egg Toss

This is a fun game that has been played at picnics and other outdoor get-togethers for decades. The only problem is, it can get a wee bit messy, especially when little ones are playing. To avoid the mess, use plastic or foam eggs from the dollar store for the smaller kids to use.

8. Make Bunny Masks

Set up a crafting area for the kids, complete with all of the supplies they will need to make their own bunny masks. They can design the masks on paper plates, and decorate them with paints, glitter, rhinestones, and more. Make sure there is an adult on hand to do any cutting for the little ones who can’t use scissors yet.

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